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In his recent address on the radio and television programme, Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested a boy to study Vedic mathematics to succeed in competitive exams. He told him that knowledge of Vedic mathematics can  help kids aged 9-15 to solve mathematical calculations as fast as a computer can. Later, PM Modi, while talking about the new National Education Policy (NEP), emphasised on developing a mathematical thinking and scientific temperament among children of age group 9-15 and for competitive exams as well

Before answering such essential concerns, it would be relevant to know what Vedic mathematics is. As the name itself indicates, Vedic mathematics is related to the Vedas, i.e., the mathematics or mathematical principles alluded to in the Vedas.

Is Vedic Maths Benificaial in 2021? 

Some may ask, even if we assume that Indian or Vedic mathematics is the most ancient, what is its practical value in current times? Here must know that Vedic mathematics is relevant in the context of a new and changing India. In schools, generally, mathematics is considered to be complex, cumbersome and unexciting. However, very complicated calculations are possible, through Vedic mathematics, in a very simple way — its ease making it child’s play. 

It is an era of competition today, both at national and international levels. In the entrance examinations for various higher education institutions, including IITs or IIMs, mathematical ability is measured. Two things are very important here for success: Speed, i.e., solving maximum questions in the minimum possible time, and accuracy. Vedic mathematics is unmatched in addressing them both. Besides, whether your answer is correct or not can also be verified by Vedic mathematics in a very simple and quick manner.

Similarly, in various competitive examinations for jobs, Vedic mathematics can be of great benefit for solving the mathematical component. At the international level, for the school evaluation ‘Program for International Student Assessment’ (PISA) that measures mathematical ability apart from other components, India, by taking the recourse of Vedic mathematics, can show its prowess.

 In the NEP, research has been emphasised a lot. Vedic mathematics can prove to be very useful in this case too. While calculations could be very fast and accurate in mathematical research, it will prove to be helpful, indirectly, for other natural sciences as well as social sciences. Vedic mathematics  greatly enhances reasoning, analysis and synthesis ability, which are crucial for research.

One of the goals of the NEP is to restore and re-establish ‘Indian-ness’. Vedic mathematics can prove to be an important instrument in this ‘rediscovery of India (Bharat)’.

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