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The Vedic Maths franchise typically works as a partnership or licensing agreement between the franchisor (the company or organization owning the Vedic Maths program) and franchisees (individuals or entities interested in running a Vedic Maths center). Here’s an outline of how the Vedic Maths franchise system commonly operates:

1. Franchise Agreement

Franchisees enter into a legal agreement with the franchisor, outlining the terms and conditions of the franchise arrangement. This agreement covers aspects such as franchise fees, territory rights, training, support, and operational guidelines.

2. Franchise Fees

Franchisees typically pay an initial franchise fee to gain access to the Vedic Maths brand, curriculum, training, and support services. This fee may vary depending on factors such as the franchise’s reputation, market demand, and the extent of support provided.

3. Training and Certification

Franchisees and their staff receive comprehensive training on Vedic Maths teaching methods, curriculum implementation, marketing strategies, and operational procedures. This training ensures that franchisees can effectively deliver the Vedic Maths program to students.

4. Curriculum and Materials

The franchisor provides standardized Vedic Maths curriculum, teaching materials, books, and resources to franchisees. These materials are often designed to align with educational standards and cater to different age groups and learning levels.

5. Marketing and Branding Support

Franchisees benefit from the franchisor’s marketing initiatives, advertising campaigns, and branding efforts. This support may include marketing materials, digital marketing strategies, and guidance on local marketing tactics to attract students to the Vedic Maths center.

6. Operational Support

Franchisees receive ongoing operational support from the franchisor, which may include assistance with setting up the center, managing administrative tasks, implementing quality control measures, and addressing operational challenges.

7. Quality Control and Standards

The franchisor maintains quality standards across all franchise locations to ensure consistency in teaching methods, curriculum delivery, and student experience. Franchisees adhere to prescribed guidelines and participate in quality assurance programs as directed by the franchisor.

8. Royalties

Franchisees typically pay ongoing royalties or a percentage of their revenue to the franchisor as a licensing fee for using the Vedic Maths brand, curriculum, and support services. This fee contributes to ongoing support, research, and development efforts by the franchisor.

9. Expansion and Growth

Successful franchisees may have opportunities to expand their operations by opening additional Vedic Maths centers in approved locations within their franchise territory. The franchisor may provide guidance and support for expansion initiatives.

By participating in a Vedic Maths franchise, individuals or organizations can leverage established teaching methods, curriculum resources, brand recognition, and support services to offer high-quality Vedic Maths education to students while benefiting from a structured business model.

The Franchise Process

Apply for the Franchise on our Brainlabs Academy website. We would then send you the complete franchise information kit on your email and thereafter call you to discuss your vision for the franchise. We will be happy to share additional information with you to help you reach the right decision for your career.

Once you are more confident after discussing the franchise operations with us, you could join our franchise plan and then execute the franchise agreement for your city.

We then start your online training on Vedic Maths Concepts and also on Leadership, Sales and Marketing. This period is for almost two months is also utilized to answer your remaining queries and to work on your deliverables.

You start focusing on growing your franchise and adopting the various strategies discussed with you in the training. You network in your city and form partnerships with schools and other organizations nearby.

You are now ready to open for business. At this point your future is growing brighter because the person with the most to gain–you–is finally in charge of your success!!

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