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Explore FAQs about the benefits of Vedic Math education, its relevance in today’s world, and how it complements traditional math learning. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team for personalized assistance. At Brainlabs Vedic Math Academy, we’re committed to providing clarity and guidance to ensure a seamless educational experience for all.

It is a unique programme in Mathematics which simplifies the concepts.It is the name given to ancient system of mathematics,which was rediscovered from the Vedas by Shri  Bhari Krishna Tirthaji.It is based on sixteen sutras and thirteen sub-sutras.These sutras contain secrets of quick calculations and helps in solving Mathematical problems mentally.

This course aims at tantalizing students by teaching them simple Vedic Math Sutras(Formulas) to solve complicated problems.The idea,initially,is to do away with the negative mindset towards Mathematics and create a paradigm shift towards the subject.By creating a curiosity and excitement towards numbers,these Vedic Sutras will offer a fresh and easy approach to number crunching.Vedic Maths certainly simplifies Mathematics.It takes care of speed and accuracy to a large extent and develops confidence in the students.

Vedic Mathematics should be taught to a student only after he/she has mastered basic Arithmetic concepts.An ideal age to start learning this course should be children between 7-15 years of age.

Abacus is used as a tool to learn calculations.Abacus should be started at very early childhood,as young as age 4.Abacus starts at very basic level by teaching the numbers and then progressing to calculations.In Abacus ,only Four operations that is Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication and Division are taught.

  In Vedic Mathematics,no tool is required.It is entirely done in mind.Vedic Mathematics goes  much more beyond just the basic calculations.With Vedic Maths,one can also solve complex geometrical theorems and algebraic problems.It is useful for school students as well as students preparing for competitions and Olympiads.

No, Vedic Maths is based on sixteen sutras and thirteen sub-sutras,which teaches different techniques to solve any problem. Once they learn Vedic Maths , students feel more confident in doing Maths they learn in school because they are now equipped with alternative solutions.

Vedic maths  help kids learn maths with a new approach. The time which student spends in calculation,is greatly reduced and therefore,the load and pressure of the subject comes down significantly. which enhances performance in maths  and  other subjects as well, as students  find more time  to do other subjects .

No, Vedic Math  Sutras are actually one line formulas which explains the working. During the course duration, kids will be enjoy the process and practice the problems based on these sutras. They can even use the sutras in everyday Mathematics as well. So ,when kids are enjoying and having fun with something, there are high chances that, it will remain with them forever.

Yes,We are the only Company in India in the field of Vedic Mathematics to provide after training support as we care for our students and want to be connected with them even after the course ends.

support that we provide even after the course ends

1. We provide follow-up classes from time to time so that kids can revise the concepts.

2.  If a student has any doubt about any of the concept, they can join any of       the ongoing batch for the revision of that topic.

Yes, we teach International students as well.

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