Vedic Maths Certified Online Courses For Students


Vedic Math Beginners Level Course

Foundational concepts, basic operations, and practical applications for beginners exploring mathematics.

Vedic Math Advanced Level Course

Explore complex concepts, advanced techniques, and problem-solving strategies in our Vedic Math Advanced Level Course. Enroll now for mastery!

Vedic Math Expert Level Course

Master advanced Vedic Math techniques in our expert-level course, designed to elevate your mathematical proficiency to new heights.


Certificates For All Students

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32 Hours Of Live Interactive Training

3-Month Certified Course

Our 3-month certified courses help identify the student’s potential by introducing them to amazing system of Vedic Mathematics. The courses are designed keeping in mind the needs of students from grade 3-12. We have various courses of different levels which are customised for each student in terms of course content. Students can join our Beginners level, Advanced level or Expert level courses depending upon the grade they are in.

Mode of Training

This program is exclusively for School students in Grade 3 and above and for competitive exams as well. The mode of this course is online through virtual classrooms on Zoom or Google Meet. You could be anywhere globally and connected to the internet to take full advantage of this  course.

Duration Of The Course

The duration of the course is about twelve weeks where a total of 30 one hourly lessons on Vedic Mathematics would be taught along with practice and speed building sessions. Sessions are held in group of maximum 8 students/batch. The course is very flexible and moves with the student’s pace. The course is customized to suit the needs of student in any grade.